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Let our team help.

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Museum Design, Consultancy &
Project Management

We offer virtual consultation for exhibition design requirements, interpretive design, project planning, project implementation and overall project management.


Planning a new museum, gallery or visitor centre is a highly complex undertaking. From coming up with a design concept to execution, there are numerous aspects to consider and you will need a specialised team to help you realise your plan.

We provide the following virtual services to any parties around the world who intend to embark on such projects:


  • Material research
  • Development of storyline
  • Copywriting
  • Editing and proof reading

  • Detailing of exhibition narrative/storyline
  • Themes and content hierarchy
  • Propose methods of communication
  • Evaluate list of artefacts/exhibits and propose display strategies

  • Exhibition layout
  • Initial ideas for displays (static panels, audio-visual, interactive multimedia)¬†
  • Visitor circulation route and intended visitor experience
  • Initial graphic concepts¬†
  • Interior design scheme, mood board preparation
  • Preview presentation to client and other parties involved on overall exhibition design approach and visitor experience, including 3D rendered artist impressions

  • Detailed floor plans
  • Exhibition lighting strategy, including lighting plans and types of illumination
  • Artefacts/exhibits display strategy and locations, including schematic drawings for showcases and other display furniture
  • Production of graphic standards and graphic layout templates
  • Detail synopsis / storyboard for all audio visual and interactive contents
  • Recommendation of AV equipment and technical specification
  • Recommendation of light fittings and technical specification
  • Schematic drawings for all custom-built display components

  • Final graphic print material, dimensions and installation methods
  • Final drawings for display of all artefacts/exhibits
  • Final specifications for audio-visual contents, including software specifications
  • Final AV equipment list and technical specifications
  • Final light fittings list and technical specifications
  • Presentation of Final Design Document