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Exhibition Design and Production

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Interior Design and Renovation - The key to a successful design and build project is to understand the client’s image and branding needs, besides their functionality and operational requirements. A well-executed design and build project will save time, cost and most importantly create an environment that the client desires.
Corporate Gallery - We strongly believe that the ultimate goal of every project is to provide rewarding experiences and to create long-lasting impact. The culture that continuously drives us to deliver quality work and services to our clients.
Exhibition and Events - We tailor every aspect of the exhibition design by creating an interactive and immersive experience for our clients and their customers, making their presence stand out from the rest.
Video Production - We believe in helping our clients deliver their messages with maximum impact and one of the effective ways is the use of a well-produced video. With a combination of strong art direction and good editing. We ensure that your videos create lasting impression and deliver the results you desire.


Impact Design Associates Sdn. Bhd. was established in 1993 as a design studio serving mainly corporate groups, government agencies and government-linked companies in Malaysia. Our focus has always been to produce quality and creative content to help our clients reach out to their audience.
Our two decades of experience and understanding of the market across a broad spectrum of industries has enabled us to venture into design and build projects such as museums, galleries and visitor centers.
Being an integrated creative entity, the pooling of talents from various expertise helps position us strongly to cater for various industries for their design needs.